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And I've found where I belong; among the poorest company.

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anxiety to the max, auntie beeb, autumn, bagpuss, black and white, books, broadcast, cats, cereal at all hours, charlie and lola, cheese, children's tv, chocolate, clouds, code 46, cricket, crippling loneliness, cuddly toys, dancing like a lunatic, daydreaming, dollhouse, dry humour, electronica, england, eyes, flashforward, foreign accents, franz ferdinand, fringe, general misanthropy, george orwell, glasgow, going too far, grapenuts, green fruit gums, heroes, himym, his dark materials, imagination, in-jokes, isaac asimov, kat flint, kraftwerk, kt tunstall, ladytron, lava lamps, manly beige trousers, marmite, monochrome, music, musical variety, new york, not getting along, odd socks, outer space, photography, pocket watches, pony, rain, rats, reading, revenge, room 101, roundabouts in the park, sarcasm, science fiction, sepia, shoes, short films, silver, singing, sleeping, snow, sons and daughters, sorbet, space, st. vincent, star trek, stargate, swearing in other languages, swings in the park, the autobahn, the big bang theory, the book lovers, the cinematics, the countryside, the odd nervous breakdown, the sky at night, walking at night, wind, winding up idiots, winter, winter music, writing
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